Meet the Founder

My Story

Growing up, I spent most of my time in my mom’s hair salon, learning what it meant to deal with hair. My mom, a brilliant stylist, was nicknamed ‘the Romanian Sophia Loren’ and would prove to me again and again that anybody can have great hair.

She showed me that hair care is more than just a daily habit; it’s a special ritual that needs the right touch and the right products. This idea has been a big part of my life, and I’ve always wanted to create something that brings it to life.

So, it makes me so happy to finally introduce ‘Cream by Claudia Pavel’. A tribute to my mom, my childhood, and my lifelong haircare journey.

Haircare Treatment

The Cream by Claudia Pavel haircare treatment line has undergone testing and received approval from an EU accredited laboratory, demonstrating its genuine capabilities in hair follicle restoration and nourishment. The product line is proven to improve the hair condition and appearance, leaving hair looking healthier, smoother and more shiny.



Powered 100% by renewable energy, Cream by Claudia Pavel products are produced in a green energy and GMP-approved facility in Europe.


Cream by Claudia Pavel packaging is fully recyclable, marked with international Green Dot labeling for easier recycling.


We love our pets and all animals alike and neither conduct nor support any form of animal testing. Our products are strictly cruelty-free, and we require all our suppliers and manufacturers to adhere to our stringent cruelty-free standards.